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Supporters Pack A Punch!

On Sunday 24th April 2020, a brave and sporty group of supporters took part in a kickboxing lesson held as a charity fundraiser for The William Low Trust by Premier Kickboxing.

The lesson was led by 7-degree blackbelt and former world champion Master Chris Foran. After a brief cardio warm up and stretching the group were put through their paces, learning the essentials of a jab and cross punch before moving onto developing some of the kicks that give kickboxers that all essential adrenalin rush! Looking around the room it was full of smiles, the sound of punches and kicks being landed, should I mention the ‘eau d’exercise’ the delightful aroma that comes from an energetic exercise session!

We are very thankful to Premier Kickboxing for giving up their time to support us and hope to do this again.

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