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Our Mission


Please see 'Background' section.

Information on 'Our Mission' in this section will be updated in more detail  shortly.

What do we want to do?

  • We want to raise money for brain tumour research. Work has to be done to stop the devastating impact of brain tumours on suffers and their families. Please donate!

  • We want support people with their grief by sharing and asking people to donate positive ideas to go onto our website how to remember their loved ones. Please see the 'Moments and Memories' section on this website

  • We want to design an App to support families who need to give medicines to their children, with reminders and ways of recording times, doses, responses etc.

  • We want to have an art exhibition to exhibit William’s art along side other children and young people who have cancer. We will also offer an online gallery for those who are too poorly to attend, prefer it to be online or who have art to be posted in their memory.

  • Whilst raising money for such an important cause, we want remember William in all that we do so that his short life has a positive impact on others and helps to give others the opportunity of life through research and improved treatments.

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