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Friends of the Trust


Friends of the William Low Trust:

Friends of the William Low Trust are people

(in addition to William's family), who had a significant impact

  • in William's life by supporting him

  • in supporting the charity 

  • with fund raising activities  

  • by making a large donation

Alkins, Denise

Banger, Margaret, Dave 

Baxter, Jenny, Woody, Hugh and Izzy 

Bell, Phil

Biddle, Julie, Alan, Hannah

Bridge, Gary and Hayley

Casey, Alison, Heather

Chan, Tanya

Clery, Elizabeth

Clifford, Anna and Mark

Clover, Jordan, Hannah

Davoran, Fiona

Dawkins, Dave, Mandy & Family

Drane, Marianna

Dupree, Linda

Evans, Judith

Fitzgerald, Briana

Frost, Eva

Furey, Ian, Nicola, Chloe, Pippa

George, Cathy, Steve, Callum, Louis

Gill, Mary

Green, Luci

Hamilton, Alison

Jackman, Luke

Khanna Emma, Akhil

Keal, Alice

McKinney, Deena, 

McCourt, Lesley, Ross

Murphy, Sean

O'Riordan, Brian, Liam, Rachel, Fiona

Rooney, Peter, Julie

Shirran, Ros, Andy, Mark, Jo

Skerton, Sarah, Gary, Tyler and Max

Smith, Val

Souster, Marc

Spriggs, Leanne

Stark, Katie

Sugarman, Karen

Taylor, Tony, Kellie, Ellie, Harry

Tiley, Garad, Margaret 

Town, Di

Tulloh, Renate

Waldron, Hannah

Walker, Sally, Pauline


Sponsors of the William Low Trust are companies or organisations who have supported the Trust with significant donations.

  • Barclays Bank

  • Haydon School- fund raising events

  • The Rotary Club

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