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Moments and Memories


The idea for this section came from Helen, (William's mother) as she felt so desperately sad and wanted to do positive things to help her with her grief. 

  • How would she remember her son in a way that was meaningful to her and her family?

  • How could she keep him part of her family life?

  • How could she do things to help her with her grief?


Gradually, Helen thought of things to help herself and her family to ease the pain slightly. It really helped. 

She thought if only there was somewhere where she could have got these ideas from and find away to share them with others who are grieving or who are helping people who are grieving. 

'Moments and Memories' is about donating an idea of how to remember someone, you can write who you are donating the idea in memory of and who you are.

Your idea will then go via the committee to agree for the idea to be posted on this website.

'Moments and Memories' will hopefully help others and be a wonderful tribute to the person you are remembering. 

Please scroll along the bar below to see the idea that people have donated.

Donate an idea to 'Moments and Memories' to support others and remember someone special.

How to donate:

1. Send the name and age of the person you are remembering. e.g. In memory of ........ aged .......

2. Send the name of the person donating the idea. e.g. Memory donated by......

3. Add the 'Moments and Memories'  idea and attach a photo!

4. Email to:

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