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The William Low Trust 200 Club

Thank you for showing interest and supporting with our first year of the 200 club.

Please help us fill the 2020/21 -
200 club this year and raise - £4,800!


• Membership is limited to 200 on a first come first served basis
• Membership for the year is by a one off payment (as we are all volunteers, this saves administration costs of checking standing orders are still valid)
• Each membership costs £30 per year, £2.50 per month
• Individuals can pay for more than one membership
• Membership years run from 1st September to 31st August
• You can join throughout the year and will be included in the next draw following receipt of your money.  The fee is calculated on the basis of £2.50 per month, so if you join in October, the fee is £27.50, in March £15 etc.  or you can still just donate £30
• The prize draw will be held on the last working day of each month
• The draw will take place at ‘The William Low Trust’ meetings if any member of the 200 Club wants to attend please let us know by emailing  info@thewilliamlowtrust.org.uk a couple of days in advance
• Winners will be notified by post with cheque for the winning amount.

The new year membership starts in September 2020 but you can join at any time of the year, 
Take out more than one membership per family
Please ask your friends to join
Please photocopy and circulate at work
12 x Monthly winners will receive £100 each

If we could get to the magic 200 members we would raise £4,400!
This could pay for a PhD research student for 3 months or something equally as valuable– Please help us reach this goal!

If you wish to join our 2020/21 - 200 club - Click on the Yellow 200 Club button at the bottom of this page to download a form and forward with your cheque made payable to ‘The William Low Trust’ send to The William Low Trust, 11 East Towers, Pinner, Middlesex. HA5 1TN. Alternatively please bank transfer the payment to 'The William Low Trust'Account no: 53072673 sort code 209263 referencing your name and please forward the form with your details by way of confirmation.


I would like to join your 200 club, 
£_______for _______ membership(s)
 First Name(s):  


 Tel No:  

 Email address:

We perfectly understand if you are not in a position to join this year, there are so many other demands.  We would be grateful, though, if you could pass this information on to a friend or colleague, and why not photocopy it  or send a link for others that you think may be interested?

You are helping us to make a difference…

The William Low Trust




The William Low Trust 200 Club Process


Each August/September we send out information inviting people to become members of the 200 club enclosing an application form.


Send the application form electronically to info@theWilliamlowtrust.org.uk  or by post so The William Low Trust 200 Club process co-ordinator (Denise) can put it on the website area.


When we receive an application via email/bank transfer or post/cheque, enter their details on the “receipts” tab in the 200 Club year’s database If they decide to join partway through the year and still send the full £30.00, enter the relevant amount in the Amount column (eg, £27.50 if they join in October) and the rest in the Donations column (£2.50 in this example).


Write the cheque details or the bank transfer details on the application form and file the paper form alphabetically in the 200 Club folder.


At the end of September, copy the names of all the members who have joined for the whole year and paste it on the “names” tab.  Print this, cut out the names and put them in the draw bag.  Put a reminder in the diary to draw the club at the end of each month.


As applications come in through the year, enter the details as above and add the name to the “names” tab, cut out name and add to draw bag.