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Safari Supper

Safari Supper

16th July 2022

The William Low Trust held a fun filled Safari Supper event with happy vibes on the 16th July 2022.

The event involved a few kind people offering to host either a starter or a main course and one mad household offering to hold the after party!

On the day of the event guests received a text around 6pm telling them where to go for their starter at 7pm.

They may not have known the hosts and did not know who will be joining them. The hosts did not know who would be turning up either at their homes! Interesting…

Upon arriving they were greeted, offered a drink or two and a tasty starter.

Then at 8-8:15 pm they were given an envelope of where to go next for their main meal, everyone went on to meet a new set of people at different homes.

Upon arrival they were greeted with drinks and a wonderful dining experience.

A party game and a quiz where available at each setting if the hosts chose to use them.

Then everyone was given the same details of the after party. Our Trustee Sarah held this event with another trustee, Richard DJing!

The weather was perfect for outside socialising and the guests shared their stories of the delicious food they ate and the interesting people they met.

Many danced the night away!

Thank you to everyone who supported this great fun event - we raised just £1,200.

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