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Barn Dance September 2023

Oh, what a night! The Venue, The Great Barn Ruislip ‘spectacular’! The guests arrived dressed ready to dance the night away, cowboy hats & checked shirts galore. Guests collected their entrance bands and food vouchers soaking up the atmosphere. They settled at the tables, lots of chitter chatter anticipating the night ahead. The fairy lights tinkled above joining in with the exciting atmosphere. The raffle table in the corner looked glamorous with an abundance of prizes.( Karen & Denise sparkling as if they were one of the raffle prizes). Music played in the background. The Burger van was set up and ready to sizzle. (Smash ‘n’ Slide)The Barn filled up, you could feel the buzz. Helen welcomed everyone, remembering William and wishing all a fabulous evening. Then the man of the night was on the dance floor (Alan May, from Barn Dance Agency https.// inviting everyone up for the first dance, the floor was empty!! Then as if by magic it was full, the guests took their partners by their hands, forward, backwards; a skip & spin the dancing began. The raffle tickets sold fast! Go Fran go…The burger boys flipped and tossed the delicious burgers all night long! People danced, drank, ate & chattered the night away. Time flew by oh what a night. Yeeeh Haa! Thank you to the lovely staff at the Great Barn, the burger boys and Alan for making a super fun evening. A massive Yeee Haaa to Irene the event leader who danced the night away.

Oh what fun we had! Yee-Haw!!!

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